Nigerian Students to be restricted

Nigerian Students are to be restricted to two-year courses over “National Security – US Government

Nigerian Students are to be restricted???

 A few months after a failed plan to strip international students of their visas if they are not required to attend some classes in person, the United States Department of Homeland Security, has mapped out fresh plans to bar foreign students including Nigerians, from studying a four-year course in any academic institution in the country.

The new government policy targets those on the US “State sponsor of terrorism list” and students from countries that visitors have an overstay rate of more than 10 percent. Students from countries in these categories, including Nigerians could be restricted to admission into US universities for not more than a two-year period.

If approved, the new guidelines from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) mean affected students will be barred from four-year courses in the US.

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It is not immediately clear when the policy will take effect.

It is also unclear whether it will affect students currently in the US, in spite of their status document.

Ordinarily, valid status document provides legal grounds for students to continue their study in the US, whether or not their student visas have expired.

But in the new measures published in the US federal register and scheduled for announcement on Friday,  the DHS proposed a “maximum admission period of up to 2 years for certain students”, including those from Nigeria.

Among the countries targeted in the new policy are those on the US “State sponsor of terrorism list” and students from countries that visitors have overstay rate of more than 1o percent.

According to the DHS 2019 overstay report, Nigeria and most African countries fall into the in-country overstay rate at 11.12 percent.

The new proposal is the latest of numerous policies introduced by the Trump administration targeting migrants in the US.

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