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National University of Singapore Scholarships 2020

National University of Singapore Scholarships 2020. The National University of Singapore was founded in 1905 as a medical college, and today is the oldest institute of higher learning in the entire country. NUS is an autonomous research university and is recognized as one of the top schools in the world. QS World University Rankings saw the school placed at 15th in the world, while Times Higher Education ranked them 22nd internationally and 1st in Singapore (as well as all of Asia) in their 2018 rankings. There are many National University of Singapore scholarships that are being offered to international students, so please keep reading!

If you want to receive this scholarship, it is essential to know the application requirements and admission rate for NUS. Check out the NUS Application Requirements and Acceptance Rate!

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Roughly 38,000 students attend the National University of Singapore. That figure is comprised of about 28,000 undergraduate students and 10,000 graduates. There was 5,016 academic staff at NUS, which comes out to a roughly 8:1 student to faculty ratio. In total, there are 15 different departments and programs, as well as five minor programs. Students even have the option of learning twelve different languages!

The school is divided into 3 different divisions – they are Asian Studies, Humanities, and Social Sciences. These divisions are broken into 13 different schools, with ones for business, computing, dentistry, and more. NSU has five different locations in Singapore. The main university is located in Kent Ridge, while the other four are in NUS University Town. They are Cinnamon College, Tembusu College, College of Alice & Peter Tan, and Residential College 4.

The university’s endowment was 3.73 billion SGD in 2016. This is one of the higher figures in all of Asia, and the research at the school is even more astounding. There are 21 research institutes and centers at NUS, and the main focus of their research usually surrounds biomedical sciences, engineering, and more intense topics such as nanoscience and nanotechnology. The 3.73 billion SGD endowment also attracts intellectuals around the world by providing National University of Singapore scholarships to international students.

The prestigious school has produced many accomplished alumni, which can be accredited to the rigorous programs in Singapore. Alumni include Goh Chok Tong (second Prime Minister of Singapore), SR Nathan (6th President of Singapore), and Margaret Chan (Director-General of the World Health Organization).

If you want to increase your chances of receiving scholarships, you should know the admission requirements and acceptance rate at the National University of Singapore. Check the University of Singapore Admission Rate and Acceptance Rate!

National University of Singapore Scholarships (Undergraduate)

There are many scholarships that are available for undergraduate students at the National University of Singapore. The scholarships offered are divided into two categories.

  1. Scholarships Administered by NUS
    1. ASEAN Undergraduate Scholarships
    2. Science and Technology Undergraduate Scholarships
  2. Scholarships offered by External Organizations
    1. Better Florist Scholarships
    2. Climb ASEAN Scholarships
    3. Club 21 Scholarships
    4. Dr. Goh Keng Swee Scholarships
    5. Her Flowers Scholarships
    6. Kuok Foundation Undergraduate Awards
    7. Saudi Aramco Scholarships

These are all the National University of Singapore scholarships that are offered to students around the world. To see these list and the links, visit the Scholarships Page. This page contains much more information such as eligibility criteria, application dates, and scholarship awards. So, please check it!

National University of Singapore Scholarships (Graduate)

The graduate scholarships at the National University of Singapore are divided into three categories. Those that are for research degrees, those that are for coursework, and those that are both.

  1. Research Degree Scholarships
    1. NUS Research Scholarships
    2. President’s Graduate Fellowships
    3. Commonwealth Scholarships
    4. A*Star Graduate Scholarships
    5. NGS Scholarships
    6. Smart Graduate Scholarships
    7. Singaporean International Graduate Award
    8. SAP Industry Ph.D. Scholars Program
    9. Top-up Schemes
    10. Tuition Fee Allowances
  2. Coursework Degree Scholarships
    1. NUS Graduate Scholarships for ASEAN Nationals
    2. Asian Development Bank-Japan Scholarships
    3. NUS-APEC Scholarships
  3. Both Research and Coursework Scholarships
    1. LBKM – THK Social Service Bursary Award

Some of these scholarships are restricted to certain parts of the world, but many of these National University of Singapore scholarships are offered to all students. To see the complete details, visit the Graduate Scholarships Page.

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