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    Romanian Government Scholarships

    Romanian Government Scholarships. The government of Romania is pleased to offer fully-funded scholarships for undergraduate, Master’s, and Ph.D. students. These Romanian Government Scholarships cover full tuition and accommodation for all degrees! Let’s take a look at specific details of this wonderful scholarship program.

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Romanian Government Scholarship Award Amount

This government scholarship covers full tuition, accommodation, and a monthly stipend for undergraduate, Master’s, and Ph.D. Programs. The monthly stipend depends on the level of the program that you are studying and ranges from 65 to 85 euros per month. Also, if you need a language program before you start your program, they will provide that also!

The living cost in Romania is very cheap. You can work either in Romania or work online to get all the support that you need to continue your studies and even save some money!

Application Procedure and Eligibility

To be eligible, you need to be from a non-EU country and also meet the age requirements of under 35 years old for undergraduate and Master’s programs and under 45 years old for Ph.D. programs.

Also, you must be willing to study in the Romanian language for undergraduate and Master’s programs. Ph.D. students can study in English or Romanian depending on the university that they attend.

If you don’t know the language, the government will provide you with a year of language training so that you will be ready.

The application procedure is simple. First, you will need to go to the Official Scholarship Site and read the instructions for the Romanian Government Scholarships. Then, you should prepare your application and submit the application from the website!

Application Dates

The application deadline to apply for the Romanian Government Scholarship is April 30th.I hope that this article on Romanian Government Scholarships was helpful! If you are interested, I highly suggest that you look at Best Government Scholarships for International Students!

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