COREN calls for a change of varsity curriculum

COREN calls for a change of varsity curriculum

 COREN calls for a change of varsity curriculum. The Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria has called on stakeholders to restructure Nigeria’s education system.

The council which faulted the current curriculum, said it not knowledge and skill-driven but only to pass examinations and secure good grades by students in the higher institutions.

The registrar and chief executive officer of COREN, Prof. Joseph Odigure, stated this at the convocation lecture he delivered at the Achievers University, Owo, Ondo State. The lecture was titled, ‘The reality of university education objectives: post convocation life’.

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According to him, the nation’s schools` curricular, as it is presently do not guarantee that students are equipped with the knowledge, competence, and qualities needed to be successful after graduation.

Odigure maintained that there was a need for schools to be restructured and operated in such a manner that positive outcomes could be achieved and maximized for the students, noting that the traditional system of education had outlived its usefulness because it was teacher-oriented and lecture-based.

He said, “Our school system is curriculum-centered and formal, more attention is put on what is taught rather than what the students learned. Students are given grades and ranking, comparing each other not on skills but on examinations. The students, therefore, become examination-oriented or cumulative grade point average-driven. Graduates are not completely prepared for the work-life.”

He added that the lack of emphasis on soft skills needed in jobs such as communication skills, interpersonal skills, analytical skills, working attitude, and many more, made it very difficult for graduates to fit into the working environment.

By Olumide Sekunowo

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