Five Reasons to Study Nursing in the UK

Five Reasons to Study Nursing in the UK

  Five Reasons to Study Nursing in the UK. Whilst the international pandemic has had a significant impact on travel and education, Nigerian students are continuing to accept places to study nursing at the University of Dundee in the UK. Here are some of the reasons why they are studying nursing:

High quality of education

Our aim is to help you develop into a compassionate, knowledgeable, and competent registered nurse, ready to take on the exciting challenge of working in any healthcare environment.

You will spend 50% of your time learning on campus and the other 50% on placements in hospitals and community settings where you will develop a range of essential skills needed to work in healthcare. We offer Child, Adult, and Mental Health Nursing degrees at the Bachelors level and a further range of degrees at the Master’s level.

In addition to your theory and placement learning, you will also attend workshops, interactive sessions, and acted patient scenarios at a state-of-the-art simulation Clinical Skills Centre.  Within the Clinical Skills Centre, you will also have the opportunity to learn a range of skills alongside medical students which will allow you to experience what it is like to work as part of a multi-disciplinary healthcare team.

Connection with the UK’s National Health Service (NHS)

The NHS is the name for the UK’s health system, this is a government-funded medical and health care service that everyone in the UK can use without being asked to pay the full cost of the service. We have a close partnership with our NHS local organizations which allows us to offer you a range of different and exciting experiences across hospital and community settings while on clinical placement. Our relationship with our NHS partners also means that we benefit from their expertise and experience to help us provide the best educational and clinical experience possible.

Nursing in Scotland is a highly respected profession where nurses are considered valued members of the multidisciplinary team. During your time at University, if you wish, you may have the opportunity to seek work as a care assistant during your training.

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Support offered to International students by the University of Dundee

We offer a professional and friendly service to all international students and their families, providing specialist advice on a range of matters relating to immigration and practical guidance when living and studying in the UK.

Within the School of Health Sciences, we also have a buddy system in place. We will link you with a buddy who is in the 2nd or 3rd year of their nursing degree program, who will likely come from the same country as you to provide you with peer support.  You will also have the opportunity to meet regularly with the Associate International Dean, and the other international students in the School, to chat about how you are getting on. Within the school, you will also have designated support people to help you.

Nigerian community

With 18,000 students from 145 countries and 3,000 staff from 72 countries, Dundee is a truly global institution. In the last 15 years, we have welcomed over 2,000 African students to study with us. Our student societies are a place to meet new friends. They include the Nigerian Student Society and the African and Caribbean Society which aim to represent, educate, and celebrate African cultures within the society and across the university campus.


The University of Dundee has been ranked 4th in the UK on the Graduate Outcomes Survey. Students who successfully complete the pre-registration Nursing degree course will automatically be registered with the NMC (Nursing and Midwifery Council). This means that upon qualification you could be able to work as a registered nurse anywhere in the UK with a working visa, which is awarded to you by the UK government.

In your final year, we work closely with the NHS to allow for a smooth transition from being a student nurse to a registered nurse. We work closely with NHS staff to help you complete your application forms and develop your personal statements while seeking your first job as a registered nurse. It is our aim to help you have a job secured by the time you finish university.

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By Olumide Sekunowo

Content Author for @study4naija

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