Five things you need to know about Wema Bank’s SME Business School

Five things you need to know about Wema Bank’s SME Business School

Five things you need to know about Wema Bank’s SME Business School. As a businessperson in a very dynamic business environment, relevant knowledge is what keeps you ahead.

Business owners require the knowledge and skills relevant in contemporary business times to sniff out opportunities and navigate business bottlenecks effectively.

In response to this, Wema Bank recently commenced the registration process for its intensive SME Business School supported by the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management, Germany, and here are five interesting things you need to know.

1.  Skills and nuggets from the best

As a business owner or an entrepreneur, you will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to properly manage your business. This will be done through the robust curriculum developed in broad areas of finance, marketing and sales, leadership, technology, strategy, innovation, and business transformation which participants will be exposed to.

2.  Registration and enrolment is free

The Wema SME Business School comes at no cost to participants. Another interesting aspect is that Wema Bank will also be providing writing materials, breakfast, and lunch for all participants.

3.  Certification

All interested participants will be issued a certificate upon completion of the program.

4.  Any business owner can register

The Wema SME Business School is open to any SME owner who is interested in managing his/her business more efficiently and effectively which will guarantee scale, productivity and profitability with a view to achieving the business goal. There are no academic prerequisites for admission into the program. The simplicity and versatility of the course plan ensures that SMEs with various academic backgrounds are accommodated and can fit in.

5.  Top-notch consultants

Wema Bank has secured the services of top-notch consultants from within and outside Nigeria to facilitate the program. Representatives from the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management will facilitate some of the courses.

The Wema SME Business School will hold at least twice every year, with in-class and online sessions. Registration into the Business School is ongoing and will close on the 4th of August 2021 and all interested parties can sign up here.

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By Olumide Sekunowo

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