Use tech to reduce the out-of-school figure, says AUN President

Use tech to reduce the out-of-school figure, says AUN President

Use tech to reduce the out-of-school figure, says AUN President. The President of, American University of Nigeria (AUN), Margee Ensign, has given the Federal Government some tips on how to reach children who are not attending school in the country.

She advised the government to adopt the use of technology to reach out-of-school children even in their homes.

According to the National Personnel Audit (NPA) Report conducted by the Universal Basic Education Commission (UBEC) in 2018, Nigeria has 10, 193, 918 children that are not in school, with most of the kids concentrated in the northern region.

The AUN President noted that the school used its Technology Enhanced Learning for All (TELA project) to reach 30, 000 children in Adamawa during the peak of insurgency in the Northeast.

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She said the school will be expanding its work to reach more children who are not in school.

Ensign said: “I think pretty constantly about those kids who are out-of-school and I hope all of you do too because we have solutions for those kids.

‘’No society could afford to have those numbers of children not in school.

“I hope at AUN we can expand our work in that area through our Technology Enhanced Learning for All project.

“When we were dealing with insurgency a few years ago, we used radio and computer tabloid to reach over 30, 000 kids who were not in school in our community. We really hope to expand some of those projects not just in our community but in our region and another crisis area.”

The AUN president also called for the protection of schools against attacks from bandits.

According to her, every child deserves the right to go to school, adding that the closure of schools to prevent attacks from bandits was not the solution.

She said: “If this hotel were under attack would we say close it? If the airport were under attack, would we say close it? But that is what we have done to schools. They are under attack so let us close the schools; why not protect the schools?

“Where is the protection for these kids? They have a right to go to school.

Until that happens, the schools are probably going to be closed and we all need to find a way to get them an education.”

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By Olumide Sekunowo

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