Poor diabetes education causes early death – Obasanjo

Poor diabetes education causes early death – Obasanjo

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo has lamented that lack of education or carelessness in managing diabetes has caused the early death of many patients.

Obasanjo said this on Sunday at the MKO Abiola stadium, Abeokuta, Ogun State, during a novelty match between the All-Stars football club of Abeokuta and the ex-Super Eagles.

The Olusegun Obasanjo Foundation organized the match as part of activities marking this year’s World Diabetes Day.

Addressing the gathering, Obasanjo said he has been living with diabetes for over 40 years, saying that the disease is not curable but can be managed.

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According to him, a patient can live up to 100 years if he or she adheres strictly to the “dos and don’ts” of diabetes.

Obasanjo said, “The problem of diabetes is a problem of knowledge and education: knowledge to know that it is not a curable disease, but a manageable disease.

“I was diagnosed with diabetes 40 years ago, and I am still fit and active. But there were people who were diagnosed, and within five years, they died. The difference is education, lack of education, or carelessness, not managing the disease.

“So, the theme for me is ‘Education for Management.’ You can live up to any age, and in any case, none of us is 100 percent well. We are all carrying one illness or another.

“Knowing what you should do and what you should not do; knowing what you should eat and what you should not eat, and doing everything in moderation matter.

“As a diabetic person, you must not take sugar. Any carbohydrate, you take it moderately, once you know that and you go by it, you are fine.”

The novelty match ended two goals to one in favor of the All-Stars Football club of Abeokuta.

By Olumide Sekunowo

Content Author for @study4naija

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