Sweet Sixteen – Characterization

Sweet Sixteen - Characterization


Aliya Bello is the only child of her parents. She is a smart girl who has “A” grades in almost all her school subjects. She is also a model student who will soon be appointed the head girl of her school.
Being a young adult, she has a lot of questions about life and is quick to ask her best friend answers to these questions. Her best friend is her dad as they are always together when she returns home from the boarding school.
She is an attentive girl who is reserved and observant. In some situations, she allows herself to be trampled upon due to her low self-esteem that builds up over the years due to her body size. In some other cases, she is quick to react to negatively as she does when one of her classmates condemns her and other Muslims to hell because they are not Christians and they are murderers
Aliya is not very social but she already thinks of rendering her services to the human race in the nearest future. This reflects in her choice of wanting to initially study medicine in order to help children who have asthma, like her. Also, she wants to donate inhalers to the school clinic for asthmatic students who don’t have inhalers.


Mr. Bello is Aliya’s father. He is a learned man who values education and reading books. He is morally upright and he is a good father who performs his duties excellently well to his daughter. He is attentive, patient and consistent. He gives his daughter the best thing a child can ever ask for – love, care, attention and a father-daughter relationship.


Mrs. Bello is Aliya’s mother. She is a nurse and a good mother too. She supports her husband’s decisions and opinions though she may not agree with them. She is quick to anger and doesn’t hide it when she is.


Bobo is Tokunbo Alabi’s nickname. He is the first guy to declare likeness for Aliya. However, his love can be regarded as an infatuation as it soon fades away. Aliya sees him with other girls he has probably proclaimed same love for and he eventually leaves for Ireland without saying a word to her about it.