Sweet Sixteen – Dating

Sweet Sixteen - Dating

Aliya, now 16 years old, considers herself old enough to be in a relationship with a guy. She broaches the issue with her dad. Her father gives her a step by step explanation about what having a boyfriend entails. He explains that what most young people have towards the opposite sex is not love but infatuation which is often short-lived.

Also, matters of the heart are challenging even adults, thus young adults should tread softly when it comes to relationships because it may end up distracting them from their studies and also affect other areas of their lives. Aliya then reflects on the likeness she has for Bobo, how bad she feels when he leaves for Ireland and how horribly jealous she feels when she sees him with another girl. This makes her understand all her father is talking about considering how a wrong relationship can derail a person’s life.

Mr. Bello further counsels his child that it is best to wait for the right time before taking some steps in life. For most of the good things in life and luxuries, the price one is required to pay is the time one has to wait and in the end, it is always worth the wait. Aliya then tells her father about two students caught having sex in school who are caught by the school security. They are suspended indefinitely from school and Aliya explains how she feels embarrassed for the girl.

Moreover, Mr. Bello adds that the humiliation is not all the girl has to suffer as she has also lost her self-respect which she can never easily regain if it’s possible to regain it in the first place.