Sweet Sixteen – Stereotype

Sweet Sixteen - Stereotype

Boko Haram, the terrorist sect has just bombed a local market and the Bello family watches this news on the TV. Everyone expresses displeasure for the evil act of these terrorists and condemns them. During this, Aliya asks her dad if it is true that all Muslims will go to hell because Muslims do not believe in Jesus and they like to kill people.

Mr. Bello calmly answers his daughter by explaining that it is wrong to judge or criticize other peoples belief or faith because everyone is entitled to his or her faith. He also explains the beauty of the world because of the diversity in religion, people, religion, culture, tribe and colour. However, a set of ideas that people have about what someone or something is, especially an idea that is wrong, is known as a stereotype.

A stereotype is a constant activity in our society, as Aliya, herself, is also stereotypic not long after, in this chapter. It is wrong to have misconceptions or discriminating towards people, especially in instances where people are generally condemned for the misdeeds of few people. Also, stereotypic people are not usually bad persons but are victims of bad thinking and circumstances. Thus, they shouldn’t be condemned because of their attitude but, rather corrected.