Sweet Sixteen – The Letter

Sweet Sixteen - The Letter

Aliya is a young girl of 16-years-old who before reaching this age has always wanted to be an adult and referred to as one. She is an only child who has a father who is a nurse. She has a close relationship with her father, compared to her mother and she tells him everything. This helps her father to guide her smoothly in the affairs of her life. one of the things she tells him is her first encounter with a boy who claims he likes her. The boy, Bobo, declares his likeness for her and also gives her a gift to show this feeling. Being the first time she is at the receiving end of such gestures she doesn’t know what to feel and her dad is quick to put her through.

The readers can identify with Aliya in this instance as everyone has at first when it comes to a relationship with the opposite sex. Aliya’s advise to her is also applicable to young adults. He advises that a recipient of a gift should not feel obliged to do anything because they feel indebted. Also, gifts don’t mean the giver really loves the other person and relationships shouldn’t be based on material benefits.

On Aliya’s birthdays, since she is 12, she receives birthday cards from her father and on the occasion of her 16th birthday, he gives her a birthday card, a digital camera and a 16-page letter detailing her life journey, each page for each year.