Sweet Sixteen – Work

Sweet Sixteen - Work

Aliya loves her father and will do anything to please him. She attempts severally to make his tea but she doesn’t get it right until her mother puts her through. In this chapter, she learns to make his tea perfectly and while he has his tea on a Saturday morning, she has a discussion with him concerning future ambition and other things.

Aliya informs her father she doesn’t want to be a doctor anymore but a lawyer. In previous years, Aliya has wanted to be a pilot, then a musician, a songwriter and afterwards a fashion designer. Now she wants to be a lawyer. This depicts the indecision that comes with choosing a career at a young age. As a child grows, he must have has a lot of ambitions that probably changes every year but according to Mr. Bello, it doesn’t matter what the choice of career is, what matters is having love and passion for what one does and only then can one be successful.

This leads to a discussion about parents choosing their children’s career. This is not always a good idea as such child is only pursuing his parents’ dream and not his dream. This, in the end, will only spell doom for both parties and lead to a waste of everyone’s time if the child decides to follow his dreams afterwards. Mr. Bello is of the opinion that children are educated in order to be able to think for themselves and parents must learn to listen to them.

Afterwards, Mr. Bello laments about the negative effects of technology on the young generation. Technology has the most effects on reading habits as most young people prefer visiting social media and surfing the internet than reading books. This has reduced their thinking capability, spelling and language skills.